Quotes from 2021-02-21 21-14-45

Brian May of Queen joins the sea shanty trend in such a rockin’ way.

biggest-gaudiest-patronuses and tparadox: Calm down, edgelords, the whole point of society is that it’s not survival of the fittest. Literally the point is that we’re leveraging our collective strengths to lead to better outcomes for everyone. We’ve been doing it for a couple thousand years now. The survival strategy our species dumped all its skill points in is cooperation and community. Don’t like it? Walk into the woods and die mad about it.

@STweetycat: Do you know why we can fly a helicopter on Mars but can’t turn on a light in Texas? Because scientists are in charge of Mars. and Republicans are in charge of Texas.

@Jersey_Craig: Dear Texas, Democrats raised money for you and got you disaster aid. Republicans left. Don’t forget this shit.

@ElieNYC: How come @BetoORourke and @AOC work to raise money for struggling Texans, many of whom didn’t vote for Beto and think AOC is a she-witch, doesn’t count as a “unity” story? How come the media isn’t spinning it that way? How come “unity” can only mean “giving the GOP what it wants”?

@WayneALawson: Ted Cruz continues to be a trailblazer as he becomes the first Hispanic person to flee FROM Texas TO Mexico because of ICE.

@CryptoNature: For millions of living things, you aren’t a name or a job or a face. You’re a place. A warm wilderness. A hospitable night full of the thunderous percussion of your heart, a sun of sound instead of light. Bacteria. Mites. Wordless generations. They name you “homeland.”

@The_Acumen: We need to stop calling the wealthy the “elite” they’re not better than us. We need to change it to “the predator class” because people that wealthy, buying college admissions, controlling housing, etc are predatory people.

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Ars Technica: “Shameful and inhumane”: DeSantis threatens to withhold vaccine amid criticism.

Ted Cruz’s Cancun Vacation Will Haunt Him

Ted Cruz Blames His Daughters for Tone-Deaf Vacay to Cancun.

Eight-year-old pulls a tech con to get her way out of Zoom class.

Five Great Tom Bombadil Theories.

COVID is Joblijock!

Somehow, given the sexuality inherent in H.R. Giger’s original drawings, I’m not surprised to see that his original drawings of the “facehuggers” looked like scrotums.

Disney+ pulls Love, Simon as It’s Not ‘Family-Friendly’, while Simpsons remains on series, as does Star Wars 3‘s scene where Anakin slaughters the younglings.

Atlantic: Images From Antarctica.

Links From 2021-02-17 18-12-17

Facebook has announced a wide-ranging ban on users linking Australian news content. This sort of happy-crappy is kind of why I decided to leave Facebook and move my linking to a blog. Of course it monetizes the fuck out of everything it can learn from you, but I found that the site really didn’t do either thing that it claimed to give you in return. It’s not a great site to share with your friends, or to share your opinions. Now, it’s beginning to decide what it will and won’t let you share. It’s all a bit ridiculous.

Trump reacts to Limbaugh’s death by literally just rambling about how Rush thought Trump won the election. It amazes me how quickly the Republican Party became almost a literal cult; this man is no one to worship.

Fractional reserve banking: “By not making it obvious to depositors that their money will be loaned out, banks create an artificially cheap source of capital for themselves to profit from while creating income for depositors and cheap credit for borrowers.

It is a good point made: Jonestown was not a mass suicide, it was a mass murder.

What a truly fucked-up scenario:

Workers at the Hollywood West Fred Meyer threw away thousands of perishable items because the store, like many others, had lost power in an outage brought on by the region’s winter storm.

Images on social media showed mountains of packaged meat, cheese and juice, as well as whole turkeys and racks of ribs that had been tossed into two large dumpsters near the store.

A few people gathered about 2:30 p.m. at the store, 3030 N.E. Weidler St., in hopes of salvaging the food.

But within a few hours, people seeking food from the dumpsters began to report police officers showing up to guard the dumpsters and prevent people from taking the items.


Without these holidays, we may have seen much more of a winter plateau than a spike. So here’s what seems plausible to me. As the cold weather made the coronavirus more effective at infection, people gathered for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s — each subsequent holiday building on the previous one — and it pushed cases much higher than they would have been without those major gatherings. After two months of massive infection rates, the virus burned itself out among the high-mixing group and everyone else retreated back into their homes and pods to hunker down, resulting in the steep decline we’re seeing.

Maybe I’m just really tired of the coronavirus pandemic, which wasn’t mishandled as some people say but in fact shown to be rationally handled by a group of insulated wealthy individuals who can pursue their greedy desires with the full knowledge that a vast percentage of Americans are economically superfluous and thus willing to fight among themselves for scraps?

Links for 2021-02-16 18-56-11

Muppets Sing-A-Long: “We’ve Got Cabin Fever.” Basically, the Muppets go absolutely batshit. “‘This is a song that called for insanity,’ says Barry Mann, who, along with wife Cynthia Weil, penned the tunes for Muppet Treasure Island.’

Washington Co. GOP Chair: “We did not send him there to vote his conscience. We did not send him there to do the right thing or whatever he said.” Hm. Someone doesn’t know what a constitutional representative republic is.

Trump no longer working with Giuliani, and attacking McConnell.

A speibecken is a sink specifically for people to vomit into. The Germans are geniuses.

Why Kirk believes in hope above everything — Tarsus IV:

So you get this kid who’s survived an eugenics-influenced massacre that, had the people in power refused to give up hope, never would have happened. Is it really a surprise that that kid would refuse to believe any situation is hopeless? What did they think he would do when faced with a test that’s literally designed to be unwinnable? Were they really surprised he’d call the test itself a “cheat,” and find a way to beat it out of protest? He’s seen what happens when people give up too soon, and he’ll be damned if he’s not going to find another way.

Links from 2021-02-15 19-46-19

In the Blink of an Eye: Space in an Instant.

The Clockwork Elves.

Dr. Noc (Morgan McSweeney, Ph.D scientist with training in immunology and pharmaceutical science) on Tiktok and Instagram and Medium. Worth following.

Robert Reich:

To: Pres. Joseph Biden
From: Every American who saw what the GOP did today

Forget unity. Forget bipartisanship. Forget compromise. This is Trump’s mob. Eliminate the filibuster and get everything America needs done now.

Disturbing concepts inherent in Narnia.

@themightmux: Sikh people have shaved their beards to better wear masks. First Nations people have modified sacred, millennia-old rituals to be safe for COVID. But tell some honkies they can’t go to the Super Bowl and THAT’S somehow culturally damaging.

prismatic-bell: Jews are choosing to pray from home instead of in a minyan. The minyan is a central tenet of Judaism, such that you can’t even read from Torah without one. WE ARE ADHERING TO TORAH BY PUTTING OURSELVES IN A POSITION TO NOT BE ABLE TO READ IT IN ORDER TO SAVE LIVES.

Today’s WOTD from BBC’s Quite Interesting: cacotopia: the worst of all possible worlds.

Links for 2021-02-14 14-23-44

This is insane: Tennessee lawmakers introduce bill to allow men claiming to be biological father (no DNA test required) to veto abortions.

Amazing Van Gogh exhibition at Careers of Lights in Les Baux-de-Provence, France.

In the early 19th century, a popular delicacy for the upper classes was Parmesan ice cream.

I remember having this! The Inter-Changeables Cosmo-Man.

Karate Kid rehearsal video – full-length!

Capitol Hill staffers to their bosses, prior to the vote: “Our Constitution only works when we believe in it and defend it. It’s a shared commitment to equal justice, the rule of law, and the peaceful resolution of our differences. Any person who doesn’t share these beliefs has no place representing the American people, now or in the future. The use of violence and lies to overturn an election is not worthy of debate. Either you stand with the republic or against it.

Jamie Raskin, lead impeachment manager for Trump’s trial:

Look, Trump’s motivation was clear. He wanted to prolong and delay the certification of the Electoral College votes in hopes of putting so much pressure on the Vice-President and Congress that we would cave. And then the President would try to force the election into the House of Representatives, where each state delegation would have one vote and the Republicans have a majority of the states. All of his concentration was on thwarting the count so that the Vice-President would be forced to say there’s a need for a contingent election. That is what the President had in mind, and he came dangerously close to succeeding. And at that point he could also have decried the chaos and declared martial law.

Sen. Cruz, giving fuck-all to his oath of impartiality, advised Trump’s lawyers they “already won”.

Sen. Graham: “When I go to meet God at the pearly gates I don’t think he’s going to ask me, ‘Why didn’t you convict Trump?’” Oh, I think He will.

Quotes from 2021-02-12 23-22-09


If they scrolled the names of the Americans who died in this pandemic the same way U2 did for victims of 9/11 during the Super Bowl in 2002, they would have to stop the game & run names on the screen for twelve and a half hours.

Everything Great About Avengers: Age of Ultron:

And no matter how jaded and cynical I become, I pray that I can enjoy sequences like this until the day I die. Because if you never feel that little kid inside you jumping up and down in front of the screen, you’re watching movies wrong.


In ancient Athens, the first democracy, they had a process called ostracism, where once a year the people could vote on the politician they thought was most destructive to the democratic process. The “winner” was banished from Athens for 10 years.


While Americans argue if healthcare is a basic human right or not, the Netherlands subsidizes sex for disabled people by paying for their prostitutes 12 times a year. In other words, sex & intimacy are human rights in Amsterdam but basic healthcare isn’t a human right in America.


At the end of every NFL season, the winner of the XFL Championship should play the worst NFL team that season. If the XFL team wins, they will get promoted to the NFL, and the NFL team will be demoted to the XFL. Now that’s something people would watch.

Jessie Lynch:

I’m sorry, why did nobody teach me that credit scores weren’t officially introduced in the US until NINETEEN EIGHTY-NINE???! The “boomers don’t understand what millennials have gone through financially” thing is tired but Y’ALL REALLY were out here chastising younger generations for being financially irresponsible after you bought your houses and cars without credit scores ?! And creditworthiness was previously determined based on character judgement, which is obviously going to skew toward white men?? I don’t want to learn one more thing in my life ever again, I’ve heard enough.

J.R.R. Tolkien:

Fantasy is escapist, and that is its glory. If a soldier is imprisoned by the enemy, don’t we consider it his duty to escape?….If we value the freedom of mind and soul, if we’re partisans of liberty. then it’s our plain duty to escape, and to take as many people with us as we can!

Links for 2021-02-12 21-33-04

Oh, Nikki Haley, how convenient that after January 6, suddenly you feel negatively toward Trump, now that he’s no longer in charge.

You hear of how sociopaths make up a chunk of modern society — but when someone puts a committee in recess so they can talk to their hospitalized daughter’s physician, and you reply “so nobody else can do anything … bitch” … wow. Seems sociopathic to me.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of Farfarout, which is now the most distant known object in the Solar System, taking the record from Farout.

“Research had shown that most instances of laughter happen not in response to humour, but as an effort to strengthen social bonds, acknowledge a superior’s authority or to exclude someone from a group.” (source, source)

This is both an amazing and simple bird’s eye view/demonstration on body popping, breakdancing, etc.

Rebecca Black – Friday (10th Anniversary Edition). Evidently this is called “hyperpop” (“an absurd and maximalist take on popular music [drawing] on dance and electronic music, and may blend elements of trance, emo, cloud rap, and hip hop”).

Herd of escaped cows runs loose on Indiana highway.

melodysheep: In the Blink of an Eye: Space in an Instant.

In the first six months of health care professionals replacing police officers, no one they encountered was arrested.

Over 100 Anti-Trump Ex-Republicans Held Zoom Call to Plot New Breakaway Party. Good.

“You’re upside down, Tom.” “At least he’s not a cat.”

Grand jury will not indict officers for shoving 75-year-old man to the ground last spring.

Links for 2021-02-10 18-04-54

“I was allowed to believe things that weren’t true.” – Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene. How flagrant the casting-off of responsibility is.


🐾 🐾 Give Cats More Meat and Playtime, Says Study Definitely Not Written by Cats 🐾 🐾

Specifically, a surgical mask or a cloth mask alone blocked about 42-44% of particles, respectively, coming out of the coughing dummy. The combo of a cloth mask over a surgical mask blocked 92.5% of the risky particles.

A day for creative people disappointing you. Charisma Carpenter on Joss Whedon. Backed up by Sarah Michelle Gellar, Amber Benson, and Michelle Trachtenberg. And Gina Carano needs to be fired from Mandalorian, unfortunately.

Simon bar Sinister, Underdog’s archnemesis, is a dead ringer for Rudy Giuliani.

Interesting point that America loves poverty porn, and that this could be rewritten as: “Landlord threatens to make woman homeless unless her teen daughter agrees to give up her entire college savings.” (If you want to help.)

FEMA “will now reimburse low-income families for COVID-related funeral and burial costs.

C3PO’s legendary penis: the ’70s/’80s urban legend. I remember hearing about this card.

Antibodies raised against cold viruses fail to neutralize SARS-CoV-2.

All the COVID-causing virus circulating in the world right now could easily fit inside a single cola can.

Alexa’s Body. Okay, that’s funny. 🙂