Links for 2021-04-25 18-13-58

Beautifully bizarre “Backstreet’s Back” with an anime-girl overlay. Sound on and make sure you can see both screens. I’m kind of surprised tech is at this point — I’m falling behind, perhaps!

Cookie Monster: the Great Wave off of Cookiegawa. This curtain must be mine.

They are comparing a mild inconvenience to the ruthless slaughter of millions of people during WW2. Such a class act.

Brian Tyler Cohen: “This week, the pro-life party has thrown a fit because a cop was held accountable for murdering someone, passed bills allowing motorists to mow down protestors, and questioned the need for vaccines in the wake of 675,000 American deaths. Because … the sanctity of life.”

This page will show you — complete with an AR/Street View overlay — when satellites will be overhead.

Conservatives: “Actually, we should be able to run protesters over with our trucks. Also, I should be allowed to refuse to serve or hire gays. I want to electroshock gay teens into a hellish submission. Also, why should i have to wear a mask? I’m not old or disabled. Actually, if you think about it, should everyone be allowed to vote? Here’s why it’s good the police just murdered another child. Also … I’m afraid to say what’s really on my mind.”

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