Links for 2021-04-20 21-09-02

Queen Elizabeth, sitting alone socially distanced, at Philip’s funeral.

Big brother showing off his little sister to his classmates. VERY cute.

Larry Flynt: “People who have a nice, healthy connection to their crotch have a better connection between the head and their heart, and in a land of sexually healthy people we’d have less crime, less poverty, less divorce, less drug use-and fewer right-wing Republicans.”

They couldn’t call 911 because FedEx makes all employees lock their phones away before a shift.

The [Tennessee] bill [which passed their House, 64-23] requires parents to be warned 30 days in advance if an LGBT person/subject will be even mentioned in a Tennessee classroom, and allowed to opt-out their children.

[Florida Gov.] Desantis is signing a law today that makes 9 people standing on a street a felony, denies protestors bail, and removes civil liability for running over people during a protest. Ron Desantis is a fascist.

Police Arrested This Cop Watch Activist – But Then Recorded Themselves by Accident.

I see you.”

“Imagine if a restaurant made it their policy that customers could only order in Morse code. A lot of people would probably stop going, not because they’re incapable of learning Morse code, but because they no longer feel the restaurant is worth the time and effort it demands. Voter suppression doesn’t have to make it impossible for certain people to vote. Suppressing voters means adding hurdles that serve no purpose other than to make voting complicated and unappealing.”

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