2021-04-06 19-34-17

Boing Boing: “Last year, a man spat in railway ticket officer Belly Mujinga’s face in London’s Victoria train station. She developed Covid and died of the disease two weeks later. British Transport Police declined to charge the white 57 year-old suspect and is now protecting him from private prosecution or civil lawsuit, claiming that to reveal his identity to Mujinga’s family or their lawyers would compromise the man’s rights.”

The Trump campaign accounting for up to 3% of ALL CREDIT CARD FRAUD CLAIMS IN THE ENTIRE UNITED STATES is the craziest stat I’ve even seen in politics.

@ShariaUncle: listening to 2 hrs of waterfall audio at 3x speed so I become tranquil faster

Homeric infixation“: the “ma” in “sax-a-ma-phone … “.

Washington Post: Republicans ramp up attacks on corporations like Coca-Cola, Delta and MLB over Georgia voting law.


Author: wcitymike

Bookworm and amateur photographer who likes the surreal and the silly.

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