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“Once more, let me remind you what fascism is. I need not wear a brown shirt or a green shirt. Fascism begins the moment a ruling class, fearing the people may use their political democracy to gain economic democracy, begins to destroy political democracy in order to retain its power of exploitation and special privilege.” – Tommy Douglas

RIP Medical Debt.

Today, Boston Dynamics’ quest for commercialization continues with the announcement of a second commercial robot, “Stretch,” a box-moving bot designed to meet the demands of warehouses and distribution centers. (Video.) I think this is neat, but I also think the more advancement they and others do, the more a need grows for UBI. We are eventually going to eliminate hundreds of thousands of jobs.

Google Translate is evidently very gender-biased when it comes to translating Hungarian’s gender-neutral pronouns.

@marinadove_: Big Bird has forward facing eyes suggesting he is a predator.

@mwiyas: The notion that future is a commons, and one that is best cared for in the present is both fantastically thrilling and nerve wracking. Stewardship of the future is one of those things that’s non-deferrable. You carry the yoke, now, today. You build it now, today. Thrilling because each days efforts compound. Eventually leading to a better future. Nerve wracking because deferring progress also compounds; building a inactivity debt that requires a lot more effort to undo before any progress can be achieved. Everything compounds.

The medlar … or “open-arse” … fruit, only edible when rotten.

Bread butts!

Mother Hen Shelters Three Kittens.

Baby Wakes Up Happy and Smiles While Being Unswaddled After Nap.

New theory suggests large blobs of material in Earth’s mantle are remnants of protoplanet Theia.

It is insane to me that a state legislator can be arrested for “felony obstruction” by “knowingly and intentionally did by knocking the governor’s door during session of singing a bill.” [sic] Rep. Park Cannon knocked on Gov. Kemp’s door while he was signing the racist travesty of a voting restrictions bill. That is not any sort of crime, let alone a felonious one.

Real Images from the Solar System!

Lord of the Rings‘ publisher is now owned by News Corp.. Oh, joy.

Key & Peele: You Can’t Fight a Guy with a Baby.

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