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I learned something with this video: “Why You Can’t Compare COVID-19 Vaccines“.

I hadn’t realized what was ‘magic’ about the size of A0-A6 (metric paper) — that they are constantly the same shape. One of these days the U.S. really need to go metric, when we’re a little less stupid. The video is actually a kind of cool update to the infamous “Powers of Ten” video.

Star Wars TV spot while film was in theaters: “Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia. In love.

Wow. I hadn’t realized this until seeing this photo, but Sebastian Stan (Bucky in Captain America) really is a dead ringer for early Mark Hamill.

If you slice off a hair from someone with uncombable hair syndrome and look at the cross-section, it’s not round. Instead, the hair is either triangular or pinched in the middle like a kidney bean. These irregular shapes mean that the hair doesn’t lie flat, cannot in fact lie flat.

On a sign: “Pro-choice does not mean pro-abortion. It means that I understand your choice is none of my damn business. I will always fight for your right to choose.”

New Zealand Approves Paid Leave After Miscarriage. I need to move to New Zealand. They really seem to be better aligned with my social sensibilities of what’s right and wrong.

@poggs: I don’t know who needs to hear this, but your choice to give up the last ≅11 months of your regular life, being careful and socially distancing, could very well be the reason somebody else is alive today – and it will *always* have been worth it.

@WHCOS: Nine weeks ago, 8% of people over 65 had gotten their first COVID shot. (People over 65 account for 80% of COVID deaths.) Today, that number is over 70%. In nine weeks.

@AOC on abridged payrolls while CEOs take excessive bonuses even if their company fails: “I am sick and tired of seeing powerful people with both hands deep in the cookie jar turn around and tell people there’s nothing in there for them or our country’s future. It’s rank hypocrisy and corruption. Incompetence at best. We shouldn’t tolerate it.”

Her reply is just *chef’s kiss*:

Forbes: DC Films still doesn’t know what to do with Superman, the studio reportedly is unsure how to make the character “relevant to modern audiences”.

@Grace_Segers: Yeah, there really is no way to make the story of a space refugee adopted by farmers in Middle America who later becomes a journalist and a hero focused on righting injustices and thwarting the schemes of a selfish billionaire relevant to modern times.

Andrew P. Street:

[Brian Eno’s] daughters listened to stuff from all sorts of eras without any idea of genre or timeline or context because it was all equally available to them. As he put it, everything was present.

And I think that’s the big difference in the last decade or so of pop culture: we now accumulate stuff rather than replace it. Instead of The Office being a sitcom people remember from a decade ago, it’s a show they’re watching now. There’s new pop culture, but it has to elbow for room amongst humanity’s vast back catalogue.

And because everything is present, everything is necessarily judged against the standards of the present. So where once you’d only see, for example, an episode of the Muppets if you knew what it was and sought it out, now it’s just something popular on Disney+ that anyone can stumble over and go “um, why is Johnny Cash flanked by Confederate flags? I didn’t know he was a white supremacist!”

And, friends, THAT is why we’re getting disclaimers on shows or letting old children’s books go out of print: not because people are oversensitive or hysterical or stupid, but because society changes and pop culture used to keep pace with that, but now that everything remains accessible we interact with our cultural past differently.

@KenyonLaing: Just to confirm… everyone feels tired ALL the time no matter how much sleep they get or caffeine they consume, but also has trouble falling asleep / is constantly hungry but also nauseous with acid reflux / spends every second working or cleaning yet nothing gets accomplished?

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