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In an alternate universe, if you’re giving up meat during Lent, you order a Hula Burger from McDonald’s.

How the COVID19 vaccine actually works: “fork hands?”. (Funny.)

Daddy shaved his beard and the twins do NOT like it. But what’s cute and kinda sweet is how one twin puts a protective arm out in front of the other.

Caitlin J. Stout:

A friend asked the other day what percentage of people I went to youth group with “deconstructed” and what percentage remained evangelical. As I thought about it, I realized that for the most part it was the kids who took their faith the most seriously who eventually walked away.

Those of us who tearfully promised that we would follow Jesus anywhere eventually followed him out the door. The Queer kids, more than anyone, learned exactly what it meant to work out our faith with fear and trembling.

They told us to read the Bible and take it seriously and then mocked us for becoming “social justice warriors.”

Now they’re warning us not to deconstruct to the point of meaninglessness.

But they took a chisel to God until he fit in a box. They deconstructed the concept of love until it allowed them to tolerate sexual abuse, celebrate white supremacy, and look away from kids in cages.

Some of us got to where we are because we took it all to heart. We took the most foundational elements of our faith to their natural conclusions. Folks who deconstruct evangelicalism aren’t drop-outs; they’re graduates.

Kitten zoom so hard they actually drift. (Sound on.)

Sebastian Murdock at now-BuzzFeed’s HuffPost: “There’s no way they can make the password ‘spring is here!!’ and then like, fire us all lol.” Narrator: Later …

I am not suiciadl, but I certainly empathize with the sentiment:

It’s been a year. Over half a million dead. And people are still acting like fucking assholes. So the people who are doing the right thing have to do the right thing even longer, while we watch everyone flaunt the rules and mock those of us who actually care. When I was suicidal, people told me I was selfish and I had to stay alive for the sake of other people. So I did. Now I’m in a world of selfish people, and death means nothing anyone.


The instant conversion to KittyProtecSelf mode. So cute!

What I did not know: “Tortoise shells have nerve endings and are sensitive to the slightest touch.” So: “This tortoise at Badger Run Wildlife Rehab loves to feel her shell scratched, so a kind volunteer made her a scratching device.

Cat: I. Am. Getting. Out. Of. This. Thing.

“Napoleon Bonaparte ordered the development of a tactile military code that would allow his soldiers to communicate silently at night without requiring a light source. The same system was later perfected by 12-year-old Louis Braille while he was still a student at France’s Royal Institute for Blind Youth.”

Soda cans have a plastic liner. Wanna see it?

Dave Grohl’s young daughter: “You said we’d go swimming.

British people reacting to American pharmaceutical ads during the Harry/Meghan interview.

The so-called “Pastor” Greg Locke, Mar. 7: “800+ people at church this morning. No masks, no temperature checks, no social distancing and no apology.

[Soccer ball] to the face 1000x slower.

When a string snaps mid-performance – Kristine Balanas, Wieniawski Polonaise Brillante No. 1.

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