Links for 2021-03-27 17-47-27

Meet Mr. Murderbritches.

Every time you try and go on a website.

Fictional planets – size comparison.

Basically, doctors bled George Washington to death as a cure for the sniffles.

Now, Virginians have asked for it back repeatedly, saying ‘it’s our heritage.’ But the response from the Minnesota Historical Society has basically been, as @dadhoc has summed it up, “to us, this is the legacy of 215 men who were killed or wounded in the preservation of the Union. What, exactly, is its legacy to you?”

Remember Joxer on Xena? He’s Sam Raimi’s brother.

Lola Bunny and the dewlap.

So basically Georgia is becoming an oligarchy:

The Georgia House of Representatives passed a major power grab on Thursday on a party-line vote that would remove Raffensperger as the chair and a voting member of the state election board, which oversees the certification of elections and voting rules, and instead allow the GOP-controlled legislature to appoint a majority of the board’s members, including the chair.
The state board, in turn, would have extraordinary power under the bill to take over county election boards it views as underperforming, raising the possibility that elections officials appointed by and beholden to the heavily gerrymandered Republican legislature could take over election operations in Democratic strongholds like Atlanta’s Fulton County, where Trump and his allies spread conspiracy theories about “suitcases” of ballots being counted by election officials in November after GOP poll monitors had left.

Georgia bans giving water to voters in line under sweeping restrictions.

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