Quotes from 2021-02-21 21-14-45

Brian May of Queen joins the sea shanty trend in such a rockin’ way.

biggest-gaudiest-patronuses and tparadox: Calm down, edgelords, the whole point of society is that it’s not survival of the fittest. Literally the point is that we’re leveraging our collective strengths to lead to better outcomes for everyone. We’ve been doing it for a couple thousand years now. The survival strategy our species dumped all its skill points in is cooperation and community. Don’t like it? Walk into the woods and die mad about it.

@STweetycat: Do you know why we can fly a helicopter on Mars but can’t turn on a light in Texas? Because scientists are in charge of Mars. and Republicans are in charge of Texas.

@Jersey_Craig: Dear Texas, Democrats raised money for you and got you disaster aid. Republicans left. Don’t forget this shit.

@ElieNYC: How come @BetoORourke and @AOC work to raise money for struggling Texans, many of whom didn’t vote for Beto and think AOC is a she-witch, doesn’t count as a “unity” story? How come the media isn’t spinning it that way? How come “unity” can only mean “giving the GOP what it wants”?

@WayneALawson: Ted Cruz continues to be a trailblazer as he becomes the first Hispanic person to flee FROM Texas TO Mexico because of ICE.

@CryptoNature: For millions of living things, you aren’t a name or a job or a face. You’re a place. A warm wilderness. A hospitable night full of the thunderous percussion of your heart, a sun of sound instead of light. Bacteria. Mites. Wordless generations. They name you “homeland.”

@The_Acumen: We need to stop calling the wealthy the “elite” they’re not better than us. We need to change it to “the predator class” because people that wealthy, buying college admissions, controlling housing, etc are predatory people.

Author: wcitymike

Bookworm and amateur photographer who likes the surreal and the silly.

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