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Facebook has announced a wide-ranging ban on users linking Australian news content. This sort of happy-crappy is kind of why I decided to leave Facebook and move my linking to a blog. Of course it monetizes the fuck out of everything it can learn from you, but I found that the site really didn’t do either thing that it claimed to give you in return. It’s not a great site to share with your friends, or to share your opinions. Now, it’s beginning to decide what it will and won’t let you share. It’s all a bit ridiculous.

Trump reacts to Limbaugh’s death by literally just rambling about how Rush thought Trump won the election. It amazes me how quickly the Republican Party became almost a literal cult; this man is no one to worship.

Fractional reserve banking: “By not making it obvious to depositors that their money will be loaned out, banks create an artificially cheap source of capital for themselves to profit from while creating income for depositors and cheap credit for borrowers.

It is a good point made: Jonestown was not a mass suicide, it was a mass murder.

What a truly fucked-up scenario:

Workers at the Hollywood West Fred Meyer threw away thousands of perishable items because the store, like many others, had lost power in an outage brought on by the region’s winter storm.

Images on social media showed mountains of packaged meat, cheese and juice, as well as whole turkeys and racks of ribs that had been tossed into two large dumpsters near the store.

A few people gathered about 2:30 p.m. at the store, 3030 N.E. Weidler St., in hopes of salvaging the food.

But within a few hours, people seeking food from the dumpsters began to report police officers showing up to guard the dumpsters and prevent people from taking the items.


Without these holidays, we may have seen much more of a winter plateau than a spike. So here’s what seems plausible to me. As the cold weather made the coronavirus more effective at infection, people gathered for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s — each subsequent holiday building on the previous one — and it pushed cases much higher than they would have been without those major gatherings. After two months of massive infection rates, the virus burned itself out among the high-mixing group and everyone else retreated back into their homes and pods to hunker down, resulting in the steep decline we’re seeing.

Maybe I’m just really tired of the coronavirus pandemic, which wasn’t mishandled as some people say but in fact shown to be rationally handled by a group of insulated wealthy individuals who can pursue their greedy desires with the full knowledge that a vast percentage of Americans are economically superfluous and thus willing to fight among themselves for scraps?

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