Links from 2021-02-15 19-46-19

In the Blink of an Eye: Space in an Instant.

The Clockwork Elves.

Dr. Noc (Morgan McSweeney, Ph.D scientist with training in immunology and pharmaceutical science) on Tiktok and Instagram and Medium. Worth following.

Robert Reich:

To: Pres. Joseph Biden
From: Every American who saw what the GOP did today

Forget unity. Forget bipartisanship. Forget compromise. This is Trump’s mob. Eliminate the filibuster and get everything America needs done now.

Disturbing concepts inherent in Narnia.

@themightmux: Sikh people have shaved their beards to better wear masks. First Nations people have modified sacred, millennia-old rituals to be safe for COVID. But tell some honkies they can’t go to the Super Bowl and THAT’S somehow culturally damaging.

prismatic-bell: Jews are choosing to pray from home instead of in a minyan. The minyan is a central tenet of Judaism, such that you can’t even read from Torah without one. WE ARE ADHERING TO TORAH BY PUTTING OURSELVES IN A POSITION TO NOT BE ABLE TO READ IT IN ORDER TO SAVE LIVES.

Today’s WOTD from BBC’s Quite Interesting: cacotopia: the worst of all possible worlds.

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