Links for 2021-02-12 21-33-04

Oh, Nikki Haley, how convenient that after January 6, suddenly you feel negatively toward Trump, now that he’s no longer in charge.

You hear of how sociopaths make up a chunk of modern society — but when someone puts a committee in recess so they can talk to their hospitalized daughter’s physician, and you reply “so nobody else can do anything … bitch” … wow. Seems sociopathic to me.

Scientists have confirmed the existence of Farfarout, which is now the most distant known object in the Solar System, taking the record from Farout.

“Research had shown that most instances of laughter happen not in response to humour, but as an effort to strengthen social bonds, acknowledge a superior’s authority or to exclude someone from a group.” (source, source)

This is both an amazing and simple bird’s eye view/demonstration on body popping, breakdancing, etc.

Rebecca Black – Friday (10th Anniversary Edition). Evidently this is called “hyperpop” (“an absurd and maximalist take on popular music [drawing] on dance and electronic music, and may blend elements of trance, emo, cloud rap, and hip hop”).

Herd of escaped cows runs loose on Indiana highway.

melodysheep: In the Blink of an Eye: Space in an Instant.

In the first six months of health care professionals replacing police officers, no one they encountered was arrested.

Over 100 Anti-Trump Ex-Republicans Held Zoom Call to Plot New Breakaway Party. Good.

“You’re upside down, Tom.” “At least he’s not a cat.”

Grand jury will not indict officers for shoving 75-year-old man to the ground last spring.

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